Learn the secrets of digital
photography in a relaxed setting with the
personalized attention you can only get
in a SMALL group!!

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  • Over 40 years of providing quality photography
  • Over 10 years of providing location-based training
  • Now providing on-line training via Zoom

Whether you're just
starting out in Photography
or would like to take your
photography to the "Next"
level, our exta small-group
workshops can help!

We teach you the secrets of how to capture the image you saw when you took the picture!
Smaller, friendlier,  & more fun!

ALL of our WORKSHOPS are now online using Zoom interactive meetings. You can ask questions, and be an active participant if you choose.

Our goal is to provide YOU with the BEST experience at the lowest cost. We've been providing photography training for over 40 years!  Bert Sirkin (PhotoBert) has been a professional photographer, educator and tour guide for over 40 years and is the originator of PhotoBert CheatSheets - helping people understand their cameras in no-nonsense English. 

Bert can help you maximize your  time on the computer with programs like Photoshop, Photoshop Elements & Adobe Camera Raw.

Learn the secrets of great digital photography from an expert! Learn to see landscapes and wildlife in a new and exciting way! Learn how easy it is to capture the image you saw when you took the picture. Learn how to easily and quickly use Photoshop and Photoshop Elements to improve your images. We take you to some of the best places on earth to learn how to take the best pictures on earth! Smaller, friendlier and reasonably priced, our workshops will provide you with a lifetime of digital photo knowledge.

ALL of our WORKSHOPS are now online using Zoom.

You will get the BEST VALUE for your money and will leave with a new confidence with your photography.
We recommend you bring your camera equipment, and an optional laptop computer if you want to edit your images.

What do people think about our workshops?

Here's a sample of the type of email we received from our participants:

"Among a"Among all the pros from whom I've tried to learn, you were all alone as the very best"

"Thanks again for a wonderful trip, I learned a lot from you and really enjoyed your insight."

"I don't know when I've learned so much and had such an enjoyable and satisfying experience."

"Many thanks again for a great workshop. " />
"I learned so much on that trip to Joshua Tree. Thank you for all that great advice."

"Thanks again for providing such terrific photographic opportunities as well as the invaluable training."

"Fantastic workshop - I can't believe what I didn't know!"

"Thanks for a terrific workshop and the various materials you gave us.  Most of all, thank you for teaching -- by example, not in a [boring] way -- thinking "outside the box" regarding subject matter, composition and use of light.  A workshop should be fun.  Yours got an A+ there.  A workshop should leave a participant with comfort with at least one "how to" that was not comfortable before.  Another A+, and this one for multiple techniques and approaches." 

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