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What are the goals of a workshop?
The main goals of a workshop are to learn and have fun doing it! Learning shouldn't be tedious - we try to make it fun. Since our groups are always small (no more than 6 people), you can be assured that you won't be "lost in the crowd", as with larger workshops.

We want you to leave with some great images and the knowledge to keep taking them!

What is difference between a Workshop and a Tour?
A Workshop is where we meet as a group at a specific location (usually a hotel/motel) where we have a classroom set up. We take pictures once or twice daily and hold classes. All classes and our guide/instruction fees are included in the price. Any other expenses (i.e., lodging, transportation to/from the workshop, food, telephone, etc) are your responsiblity. Please be sure to read the workshop descriptions, as each workshop may have different specifics.

A Tour is where we meet as a group at a meeting place and we carpool to our photo site(s). We will return to the meeting place at the end of each field trip. Expenses (i.e., transportation, food, telephone, park fees, etc.) are your responsibility.  Although there is instruction on a tour, there is less classroom instruction. Please be sure to read the tour descriptions, as each workshop may have different specifics.

Do we ever cancel workshops or tours?
Unlike most other photo tour and workshop vendors, we never cancel workshops or tours because of too few participants. As long as one person is paid in full, we WILL hold the workshop or tour.   
What kind of photographers are the workshops/tours geared towards?
Our workshops and tours are geared towards all level photographers. We can do this because we keep our groups very small - 6 people or less. When taking pictures in the field, each person will get personalized attention.

Beginners that want to get up to speed FAST will really appreciate this approach. Advanced amateurs can fast-forward their photography to the next level with this approach.

What Equipment should I bring?
You should bring at least one digital camera plus a backup if you have one. Be sure to bring extra batteries and memory cards - you always want to have an extra set of charged batteries with you when taking pictures. Some sort of stabilization device is recommended - i.e., a tripod or a beanbag - but not required. If you have a laptop with imaging editing software, you will want to bring that as well.

Each workshop/tour has a recommended list of equipment to bring as the subject matter varies from one workshop or tour to another.

What's a typical day's schedule like?
  Early Morning Shooting in the field
  Mid Morning  Classroom/Computer &/or Image review
  Afternoon Free time
  Late Afternoon/Dusk Shooting in the field
  Early Evening Image Review

What's covered in the classroom instruction?
The classroom instruction covers the concepts that we will practice when taking pictures in the field. These include topics like Depth of Field, RAW vs JPEG shooting modes, workflow, using Aperture Priority mode, Exposure compensation, Metering, AutoFocus issues, etc. Also covered are critiques and other field techniques.

Also included is a course outline.

What's covered in the field sessions?
When shooting in the field, we'll go to a location that's ideal for photography. We'll spend some time shooting together to review composition, camera settings and exposure. Then you're free to shoot on your own or stay with your guide to ask questions, get guidance, etc.
What's covered in the computer sessions?
The computer instruction includes review of techniques using Photoshop. Techniques such as batch processing, RAW file processing, Levels, Curves, Saturation, Sharpening, Layers, Adjustment Layers, Layer Masks, etc.
Is film photography covered?
Our workshops/tours specialize in digital photography. Although we don't specifically cover film photography and film processing is not supplied, many of the techniques that we cover can apply to both digital and film photography.
Who will teach the workshop?
Your workshop will be taught by Bert Sirkin. Bert Sirkin (PhotoBert) has been a professional photographer and photo educator for over 30 years and is the originator of PhotoBert CheatSheets - helping people understand their cameras in no-nonsense English.  As a photography, Photoshop instructor, NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) member and Photoshop Instructor, Bert can help you maximize your  time on the computer with programs like Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.
What kind of clothes should I bring?
This depends much on the location and time of year of the workshop. Be sure to bring good walking shoes as we may be walking on uneven terain (grass, dirt, etc). We won't be doing any serious hiking, but you should be prepared to walk up to a mile per session. We will provide specific clothing recommendations prior to the workshop/tour.
How strenuous are the workshops/tours?
Photography is our goal - not hiking! We try to keep the walking/hiking to a minimum and the photography to a maximum. You should, however, be able to comfortably walk a mile or so. Depending on our location, you may need to be able to walk on uneven terrain.
What is and is not included in the workshop/tour fee?
Workshop fees includes orientation, field and classroom instruction, field sessions and your guide. Each participant is responsible for his/her own transportation (air, rental car, etc). Airfare, meals, transportation and lodging expenses are not included in the workshop fee.

fees include orientation, field trips, field instruction and your guide. There may also be minimal classroom instruction.
How do I arrange for lodging reservations?
For workshops we generally arrange for a block of rooms, depending upon location and the hotel/motel. We recommend you book your room as soon as you book the workshop. For tours, you will need to contact the hotel directly to make your reservations.
What if there's bad weather?
We don't cancel a workshop unless there is a forecast of very severe weather. Once at a location, our schedule is partialy dictated by the weather. If there is rain on a scheduled field trip, we may substitute a classroom session, re-schedule the field trip until later in the day or hold a critique session. We can't always have good weather, but we can always learn and have fun!
How do I pay for a workshop?
We accept all major credit cards. A deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking a workshop. Full payment is required 45 days before the workshop/tour.
What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellations up to 60 days prior to a workshop start date are refundable in full less a 10% handling charge. Cancellations less than 60 days from the workshop start date are refundable only if we can fill your seat.
How do I register?
You can register by calling us at 860-656-7446. Registering requires a 50% deposit. A deposit and completed Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Release of Liability form will reserve a place for you in a PhotoBert workshop or tour. Deposits and final payments may be made by a check drawn on a US bank or via Credit Card. Full payment of the trip fee is due 60 days prior to the departure date. We reserve the right to treat your reservation as cancelled if final payment is not received when due per our cancellation policy above. All workshop and tour fees are in US dollars and must be paid in US dollars.
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